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Regardless of why an entrepreneur got into business the truth is that blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice are in store for the entrepreneur driven by the passion that they can truly change their market. If this sounds like you then you are in for a well deserved break.

The passion which drives me to work long hours and evenings is to support the HONEST entrepreneur. The one that is truly committed to changing their world by over delivering with genuine authentic integrity. The marketplace deserves to hear your story as told by your patrons.

Most any business would claim to have quality products and services and yet, our personal experiences as consumers proves this to be untrue. We’ve all been the victim of a proprietor who over promises and under delivers. Our trust was given to them and it was not stewarded well. Unfortunately for businesses of integrity, one misstep can go viral on social media whether it is deserved or not.

This break in the public trust has created a need for validation of a business’s claims. I am that entrepreneur driven by that passion who created the product that validates those claims.

Unfortunately, even the unethical realize the necessity of reputation in today’s market causing them to purchase fake referrals, testimonials and make disreputable claims. The result is honest entrepreneurs playing catch up.

I wanted a way to authenticate claims and protect both the prospect and the honest businesses from shady competitors. The truth is that people don’t just buy what we do but they buy why we do it.

This business is about just that. All reviews supported through this system are authentic. The integrity driven method of gathering the reviews and the manner in which we post them makes this so.

The products are not only designed to get your reviews but also to be used to improve your service with real feedback and deliver coupons and specials to earn loyal customers.

To give your potential clients or customers confidence in your online reputation we make the source for leaving the review ONLY available from inside the business and yet simple enough to be done in an instant. We offer the ability to time and location stamp the review to authenticate the patronage. We are confident that if you have a business built on integrity to deliver 5 star service this is for you. All others, move along, please.

For those that remain, real feedback that is invaluable to actually claim and retain the loyal and truly satisfied awaits.

Our services and products are data driven, guaranteed and performance based where you only pay for real results.

Welcome, please come inside.

Thank you for visiting.

– Craig Stephens