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A business’s reputation in today’s market is critical for not just staying alive but to grow. This has caused the disreputable to buy fake referrals and fake testimonials. How is a prospect to know the difference?

I wanted a way to authenticate this action, protect the searching person from the fakes, and save the businesses from shady competitors.

This business is about just that. All reviews supported through the system are authentic, and the method of gathering the reviews and then posting them is what makes that so.

Please check us out. We know that our online reputation management services are honest, trustworthy, and here to help you succeed.

By making the source for leaving the review ONLY available from inside the business itself, it assures that the person leaving the review and feedback was actually in the business. It has the ability to time stamp and location stamp and therefore validate the authenticity.

If you have a business with integrity and build on that integrity by delivering outstanding service to your customers, then this is for you. All others, move along, please.

If you are that business with integrity, the engagement opportunity allows for genuine feedback from your customers and allows you to tailor your business to deliver even better service than you do now. Real feedback is invaluable in the quest to capture loyalty and truly satisfied, if not thrilled, customers.

– Craig Stephens