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It helps to know where your business is right now in terms of online visibility, reputation, video visibility and even see your negative reviews.

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If you were to ask anyone, what can you get for $1 these days that has real value, what do you think the answers would be?

We can tell you because we did ask, and most people say, Nothing of value.

If you were to ask an advertiser to allow you to advertise your business on a 24 hour / 365 basis, have them create the ad design and then syndication of the ad, BUT that you only wanted to pay for results, what do you think they would say?

Again, we can tell you because we did ask, and was told “Sorry it doesn’t work that way. We are not responsible for results.”

Most advertising agencies or web guys want YOU to pay them thousands of dollars and risk the future of your business and the ability to provide for your family on their big fat maybe! BUT we finally have an answer for this madness.

So here is our deal in a nutshell…
We use tools and automation to engage your customers using their own mobile devices

We engage them at precisely the right time, while they are in your business.

The system will get customers to leave reviews to be used to get NEW business.

We market your coupons, special offers, and loyalty programs that keep them engaged and spending money.


You only pay for results!
 Even better, when you do pay, it’s ONLY $1 each..

It really is that simple.

$1 for two way engagement with your existing and new customers that provide feedback or a review. Not only will we gather feedback for you but we also syndicate them through third party review sites and on various platforms and of course social media.

$1 per coupon or special offer redeemed.

Did you catch that, redeemed NOT just delivered.

You only pay $1 for each actual result and we don’t even need a contract.

You can simply pay for results AFTER we deliver them.

Now if you can’t win with this offer, then you just can’t win at all.

How It Started
 This picture is of Craig Stephens and he is the owner of Authentic Online Reviews.

Now, we have a good reason for telling you how Craig got started because he was you, the small business owner in desperate need of advertising.

The problem was that he continued to run into agency after agency that would promise the moon but refuse to guarantee the results needed to keep his business alive. And he wasn’t about to spend his last dollar on wishful thinking.

So he vowed to become the guy that would build a place for businesses to advertise, that was performance based.

And one day, he did it. He figured out how to do this where the business ONLY pays for results.

As it turns out…

He Had Hit on the Holy Grail!
Craig discovered the method that brings a lot more results than any other marketing/ ad person or company was getting, and do it all totally performance based.

We use this system that Craig had created to create results for you NOW based on your current customer actions. And what’s better is that he created an app that, when launched, will make each product we currently use now churn out even more results.

This is the product launch. No one has ever seen this offer.

Now, we do understand that some businesses only care THAT IT WORKS and not how it works, so if that’s you, go ahead and get signed up now.

But if you need more, below is a place to click on a video description of how businesses in your industry make this work.

The risk has been completely removed. Add this to what you’re doing and see for yourself. Are you ready to pay for results and not empty promises?

This deal is so good that you can let us prove it, and you just pay for results.

Begin your journey through performance based marketing and walk your business into a future without precedent.

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Who Is This For

Any business that would like to leverage technology to gain more customers and increase more customer retention by utilizing mobile coupons and loyalty programs.

Any business that is impacted by reviews and has a hard time getting their customers to leave reviews.

As you probably know, most businesses don’t have a good system for asking their customers to provide feedback and reviews and even if they do, the employees don’t want to ask.

How It Works

We encourage you to use our system to motivate your employees to ask and ask at precisely the right time. It really is easy and we will teach you.

Our system ask the customer at precisely the right time and employees are rewarded for getting the customer to give the feedback, of course when it is good feedback and even when it is  less than stellar.

Amazing insights can be gained through engaging your customers at the right time.

We then market and syndicate these reviews to various platforms and social media. When less than stellar feedback is received, we intercept these negative feedbacks and route them to your staff for resolution.

With the process involved in gathering positive reviews, intercepting negative feedbacks, and marketing and syndicating your 5-star feedback, what you get is really a steal deal compared to the positive results it will yield to your business!

The addition of a loyalty program where returning customers get deals, coupons and special offers is the cherry on top. And for each two-way engagement for coupons redeemed, it’s only $1 a piece.

Consider These Scenarios



You’re here! You see, that little tag can take you anywhere online that we want to take you. No battery needed, it never wears out and it borrows the energy from the device you use to access the message.

This little thingamajigger is called an NFC.

That stands for “Nice Fun Cool”.

Just kidding.

It stands for Near Field Communication.

This munchkin of a device can produce goliath results.

Here’s one of many ways it can work for you…

Step 1) Place the NFC on a card.

Step 2) Hand the card to your customer towards the end of their meal.

Step 3) The customer touches their Android phone to the card and a digital portal appears on the customer’s phone asking them to leave a review of their experience or to take a survey. If the customer has an iPhone, they can scan the QR code instead of the NFC.

Step 4) We at Authentic Online Reviews, market the positive reviews across the internet for you. If there’s a negative review, we notify you immediately so that you can take care of it before they post negatively about your business online.

Pretty Nice and cool, huh?

Having lots of great fresh reviews about your business updated regularly do an amazing job of telling new prospective customers what kind of experience your current customers are having, creating the expectation that they too will have such an experience.

Well, here’s another way that you can use this munchkin device called an NFC to produce goliath results. I’m going to break it down in quick steps again for you to see.

Step 1) The NFC directs your customer anywhere that you want them to go, so picture taking them to a Mobi Punch sign up. The Mobi Punch is a loyalty program, similar to the cards you may already give your customers that you punch holes in to represent a purchase or visit to your business except this is online.

Step 2) Once they meet X number of visits or whatever the requirement is that you set up, they will be rewarded for their loyalty.

I know, I know, it’s cool too, but you want more.

Okay, fine, here’s ANOTHER way the NFC can help you.

Step 1) You tell us what type of offers you want to offer your customers. We design those custom offers for you.

Step 2) Your customer taps their phone on the NFC and boom, they’re offered 10% off their next meal or whatever you’d like that offer to be. We can even help you create several offers at a time, so that your customer can scroll through and choose which offer he or she wants. So for example, one offer for a free appetizer, another for a free desert, another for “two for one” drinks and still another for extended Happy hour prices.

They can choose the one that they want to claim and share ones that they think their friends may want and help you spread the cheer, but no matter which they choose you’re getting more business.

Nice, Fun Cool NFC…

Did I mention the offers are all digital, so you’re able to easily track the number of offers that were redeemed?!

We’ve even seen a company we work with use the NFC’s to give recurring customers free valet parking. That’s pretty cool!!! The alternative is print up mailers and send them out to the neighborhood and have no idea, if anyone will claim them. So OLD school.

Alright, so by now, you probably see that the NFC’s really offer a lot to your business in terms of helping you to reduce your customer acquisition costs, lift up your customer retention rates and grow your positive reviews online and even intercept any bad reviews and direct them to the appropriate manager.

There are an endless amount of possibilities as for how you can use the NFCs!!!

Now you’re probably wondering why we’re telling you all of this. Actually, no, you’re probably not wondering that. You probably understand that we’re trying to sell you something, potentially NFCs… Well, you’re right.

You’re probably actually wondering what the cost is.

So, let me tell you.

We give you 10 NFC’s for Free. Yes that’s free like the air you breathe. FREE. You can decide exactly what you want the NFC message to deliver. The offers you have us create for you should be unique. That way, you can track which and how many coupons were redeemed or surveys were taken, by the customers.

You can even change the offers as often as you’d like, just send us an email and we’ll take care of it for you.

We’re giving you the 10 NFC’s for Free and we’re creating the custom offers for you for Free.

Again, this is as Free as the air you breath.

The reason we’re willing to give you these 10 NFC’s for Free and the reason we’re willing to give you our own time and expertise in creating the custom offers, is because we’re that confident that you will want to move forward with us after seeing the results.

The results you will see are a reduction in your customer acquisition costs, a rise in your customer retention rates and a boost of new positive reviews!

Nothing and I do mean nothing affects new business acquisition like a large number of raving fans leaving reviews or negatively affects like a bad review being found.

We both know that reviews and marketing reviews, loyalty programs and special offers are all integral pieces to bringing in new business and making more money.

The NFCs will do just that for you.

We’re giving you this chance to see for yourself, no strings attached!

Anytime that you have a new and exciting product to promote or introduce, we can make a special message. Anytime you have aging product that needs to go away, a message can help. Anytime that there’s a reason for promo, special event, sale or holiday event, we can make a message for you. It is so powerful.

Again, this is no risk to you. Really!

Take the chance and we’re confident that you won’t regret it!!!

We hope to see you inside.



Let us consider the service industry. The competition is plenty and distinguishing yourself from your rivals can mean the difference between success and failure. It doesn’t matter whether you are a carpet cleaner, painter, landscaper, roofer contractor or really any service provider. In the end, reputation wins the day.

So let us imagine we are a tree removal service and exponential growth is right around the corner:

Suppose I am in the market for a tree to be removed. It has grown so big that I and my wife are nervous that if it ever fell, it would crush the house. I have decided to contact three area

tree service companies and will have each come out, look at the job to return to return with a bid. But here’s the thing, I have already decided to have the job done, so I am definitely a buyer.

I look online and find three local companies. My wife calls and schedules them one day apart to come and see the job. I fully expect them to have to return with an estimate. I am the kind of guy that doesn’t necessarily choose the cheapest as I know sometimes paying a little more gets better quality work and more focused results.

When this particular company arrives they are on time. We notice that they took a little bit more time to be certain that they really surveyed the yard to prevent damage to landscaping during the project. They described the strategy to get to the tree, bring it down in pieces and even ask what we wanted to do with the wood once it was down.

Then just as they were about to leave the magic begins to happen. They ask me if I had my cell phone on me and, of course, I did. The foreman then asks me to tap my phone on this little card with a sticker on it (called an NFC), and that action caused my phone to open to a webpage about their company. With little skill, the foreman has just connected the prospect to an expertly planned marketing platform.

It had a video that told us about the company, their founders and how long they had been in business. They had pictures of the foreman, crew members and even had reviews from local people that had told their story of the excellent service.

Despite coming back with a higher estimate than the competition, we went with them. The task was big enough that we simply felt that we could TRUST them more to do it right thanks to the marketing information we received from the foreman.

When the job was done, they presented the bill and once again asked me to take out my phone. This time they explained the company rewards an entire team for a job well done and they would really appreciate a minute of my feedback.

There were four questions to answer concerning the team’s professionalism, promptness, the overall job rating and a place for us to share our feeling about how the job went. Of course we gave them a high 5 star rating, and our praise.

The last question was a chance to join their Loyalty program where we as previous customers would get special discount on any future job that we wanted done, as well as coupon offers. We gladly joined as it just took a second. We really felt like they were now our “go to company for future work”.

With the right tools and our secret of automation, you just turned your foreman into a salesman and your business into a proven winner. Now we would also ask the customer if they would one click send the review to one of our chosen social sites to spread the reviews around for others to find.

This is just one example of one product and when you see the WOW factor of what all the other products that you get with our packages of tools will do for your business, you will be certainly WOWED!

Just think, all of the tools are free and you would only pay for the customers that did engage, and nothing for the ones that didn’t.

What are you waiting for? Get signed up now or go below and click on some links to learn more.

Sign up now for only $1 per result!



Growth in business is rarely achieved by maintaining the status quo, so let me ask you a question. What are YOU doing right now to engage your current customers? What are you doing to build relationships with the customer that will turn them from a one-time visitor to a loyal fan? What are you doing to turn these fans into your loudest advocates? If the answer is, not much, then we need to talk.

Let us imagine the chiropractic profession. Everyone swears their guy works magic, the best in the industry, and that he makes them feel young again.

The only problem is that this “word of mouth” review system never gets written down, Google never sees it, and YOU as the practitioner fail to benefit. In addition, the healthcare industry can often see several months pass between interactions with you the healthcare professional and the patient. Hard to build a loyal fan when you only see them twice a year now isn’t it?

But that’s ok, because we have the solution that includes the automated tools to save the day.

Imagine the patient comes creeping into the chiropractor’s office with debilitating back pain. Perhaps they hurt it at work, perhaps they slipped and fell, or perhaps at the age of 50 they tried to hit the dance floor like they were still 20! In either case, they need help.

Waiting patiently in the waiting room, they are surprised when only after a few minutes their name is called and in they go to see the chiropractor. With a smile, the best medical knowledge available, and magic hands he sets the back and voila, the pain is gone. The relationship building process begins here.

Elated, the patient thanks him for the quick and effective tune up as the pain is gone. The chiropractor thanks him for the visit, tells a quick joke, and then assures him that he will be out the door soon. Heading out to wrap up the paperwork, in walks an assistant to check on him and finished up some paperwork.

Then, the magic happens…

While filling out the paperwork, the assistant asks the patient if he has his phone on him to which everyone these days answers with a “yes.” She then pulls out a QR code or NFC, depending on the device, and asks them to take a quick scan of it with their phone. Up pops an automated review system right on their phone. No links, no work to do at home, just while you wait please tell us about your visit.

Do you think the patient recently relieved from debilitating pain would be happy to leave a glowing review? Of course they would, but the deal gets even better. Once completed, this review get syndicated across multiple platforms exponentially expanding its reach.

YOU now have a pool of glowing reviews powered by the beauty of automation telling the story of your practice. And the best part is, you only pay for completed reviews. If they didn’t leave a review the cost to you is absolutely ZERO!

But here is where it gets better…

With these same automated tools, you can follow up with your customers by sending them targeted messages, reminders, and special deals. With little time on your part, you begin to build a relationship that lasts with your customer and you only pay for what works. And when you do pay, it’s only $1 per engagement.

Welcome to the world of performance-based marketing my friends and it’s here to stay. No longer will you risk your business on empty promises and wishful thinking. Your staff will now be equipped with the latest marketing tools that are now no more than a click away. And once again, YOU only pay for RESULTS!

If you are ready to build your practice with real reviews from real patients AND only pay for what works, let’s get started now.

Click below to begin your journey down the path of performance-based marketing!

One gorgeous evening a few months ago now, I was taking my wife out for a Mother’s day dinner. We went to a wonderful seafood restaurant in the Keys that we had been to several times before. That particular day, although very busy, the meal was spectacular and the service was as well. I asked my wife if she wanted to leave a review praising the service and the food that day and she eagerly said “yes”.

We called the waitress over and asked for the check and then asked her if we could leave her and the business an excellent review. The evening was outstanding and we wanted others to experience what we had experienced. The Keys is a very touristy area and providing a rave review could make a positive impact on the business and we felt that they deserved it.

We asked her if they had a system to use. To our surprise, she did not know. She had been there for years and never had asked a customer to leave a review. She said that at one point, a while back, the hostess was asking folks to leave a review on trip advisor, if they would, once they got home or to their hotel. She said that as far as she knew most people did not.

I got home and searched for reviews about the restaurant and did find sixteen, 2 on Yelp, and 14 on TripAdvisor.

The restaurant had been there for 17 years. They had 16 reviews that I could find.

They had tried advertising locally in some of the small Keys newspapers; they had tried a few events hosted there to build some loyalty such as fishing tournaments and bands on the weekends. To them they were successful because they had a lot of regulars already as I mentioned the food and atmosphere was good, but only 16 reviews after 17 years.

I ask you, why do you think that is?
How different could their business be if they captured several hundred reviews, each month?

How different would it be if they offered a loyalty program to every person that came in to their restaurant tourist or local?

What would a business even do with several hundred reviews every month?

They would kick you know out of their competition and pack the house regularly.

I could elaborate but I can’t give away all of my secrets.

Begin Your Performance-Based Journey Today!

Sign Up Now! For Only $1 Per Result & $1 Per Review Captured

Before you spend thousands on a marketing plan offered to you by those who promise the world and yet assume no responsibility for results, tell me you’ll try the proven plan offered by those who you only pay for what works, after it works.

Your competition is not waiting and neither should you. Come join us today and a future without precedent awaits your business tomorrow!

The scenarios you just viewed were scenarios that truly follow the real life action plan for the businesses that use our products. Our system of automation is so reliable, we are willing to take all the risk for you. That’s why we don’t obligate you to a contract, and we don’t charge you for anything that doesn’t work.

That’s how confident we are in our system. Our time, research, and effort will be rewarded simply because it works. And your business will reap the lion’s share of the benefits with no risk to yourself.

This is just an example and when you see the WOW factor of what all the other products that you get with our packages of tools will do for your business, you will be certainly WOWED!

Just think, all of the tools are free and you would only pay for the customers that did engage, and nothing for the ones that didn’t. That’s right, no risk and no payment for what doesn’t work!

What are you waiting for? Get signed up now or go below and click on some links to learn more. But I’ll tell you, your competition isn’t waiting and neither should you.

Sign Up Now! For Only $1 Per Result
We believe that we can do this for you, check that, we know that we can do this for you because it simply works. When in doubt in business, look at what the winners are doing and simply do that.

We have also expanded into more industries as it works in almost any that we have tried as long as the business delivers quality service and products.

The links will take you to more info on how it works, how other industries use the tools and how you get results for your business or don’t pay. Sorry, we are good at what we do and we still need you to be too!

And remember, when you do pay, it is only $1 per review. That’s reviews captured and syndicated as well as those reviews redirected to your team to resolve any issues with a dissatisfied customer. I should also point out that we also intercept any possible negative reviews before they go out of the web.

One dollar is the magic number and it never changes. That’s $1 dollar per review, $1 per coupon redeemed, $1 per loyalty card punched and you never pay us that dollar until you already have your result.

As I said before, if you can’t win with this system then you can’t win at all.

Before you spend thousands on a marketing plan offered to you by those who promise the world and yet assume no responsibility for results, tell me you’ll try the proven plan offered by those who you only pay for what works, after it works.

The jury is in and performance based marketing is here to stay. Your business deserves this and so do those who depend on your business. It sure has been a long time coming.

Pay for what works and sign up now for only $1 per actual result for your business. Your competition is not waiting and neither should you. Come join us today and a future without precedent awaits your business tomorrow.

Begin Your Performance Based Journey Today!
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We Use The Latest Technologies To Your Advantage!



NFC now takes traditional print marketing to the next level! NFC tags engage customers on print ads by bridging the physical and digital world.


Only $1 Per Result Pricing!
Plus free shipping of 10 NFC tags.



QR codes bring your print ads to life by giving them a digital dimension. Get your customers involved by using our custom designed QR codes.


Included with NFC Marketing package!



Remind your loyal customers to visit your business with geo-fence notifications and surprise them with rewards with in-store beacon messaging!


Only $1 Per Result Pricing!
Plus free shipping of 2 pcs. beacons.



Over 90% of all text messages are opened within the first few minutes, our proprietary review funnel helps empower you to generate customer feedback.


Only $1 Per Result Pricing!



Build loyalty and increase engagement by having customers connect to your Free Wi-Fi with social media and capture their info for retargeting.


Only $1 Per Result Pricing!
Setup Fee : $397 setup + Free Shipping of Device



Reputation Monitoring with immediate engagement tools of social media, Google, third party review sites, forums, and more to keep you on the loop.


Get Your Free Trial!


Using The Above Tools, We Deliver The Following Services



An irresistible Bundle of all of our tools below except WiFi & Reputation Monitoring plus 40 Exclusive HOT buyer leads sent directly to your business.


This bundle delivers “Success on Autopilot” with guaranteed 40 Leads sent directly to your business!



Grow your business even further by leveraging your online brand reputation using the power of social media, video marketing, and web 2.0 sites!


Only $1 Per Result Pricing!



Build brand awareness & loyalty marketing with our Mobile Wallet Loyalty system and Proximity Marketing solutions. We will show you how!


Only $1 Per Result Pricing!


Or Check Out Our Custom Services!


Custom Built Marketing Funnel includes email marketing follow up sequences, up-sells and down-sells plus banner retargeting...


Call Us For Custom Quote!

CALL: (305) 901-0450


We get Exclusive Hot Leads contacting your business directly via phone call, email, or phone opt-in requesting that you contact them.


Leads can be purchased as a monthly ad campaign management service or by the lead.





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